Tuscany’s most famous foods


As in the whole of Tuscany, the Etruscan Coast area offers a wide variety of traditional local dishes. Simple and quick recipes, characterised by fresh, genuine and seasonal ingredients, prepared as in the past or revisited in a modern version by contemporary chefs.

Let’s take a look at some typical dishes from this area:

Cacciucco alla Livornese

Cacciucco is a fish soup typical of Livorno cuisine. Like all recipes of this type, cacciucco originated as a poor man’s dish with which fishermen consumed the unsold catch of the day.
The main ingredients are mixed fish, mantis shrimps, sage, garlic clove, red wine, extra virgin olive oil, salt and black pepper. It is served with slices of toasted bread rubbed with garlic. Today, it is one of the prides of Tuscan cuisine!

Boiled Octopus

Octopus cooked in wine or more commonly called boiled octopus is a typical Tuscan recipe, more precisely from Livorno, which consists of cooking and soaking the octopus in red wine. It is perfect as a seafood second course, but it is also excellent served cold as a salad, or even on bruschetta becoming an aperitif or appetiser. It is an unusual way to cook octopus, but the result will be very tasty and colourful.

Torta di Ceci

Torta di Ceci is a preparation made from chickpea flour, water, extra virgin olive oil and salt. It is therefore a very simple recipe, in fact it has poor and distant origins. Torta di ceci is the name given in Livorno and its province, but it is also called farinata di ceci or cecina in other areas. It is eaten inside a sandwich called 5 e 5, Livorno’s most famous street food.

Cassatina DAI DAI

On the other hand, a typical ‘grain’ (as they say in Tuscany) is the Cassatina DAI DAI, a traditional sweet offered in Castiglioncello. Fresh milk and cream, egg yolk, wheat flour, chocolate and sugar. Simple ingredients of absolute quality, skilfully worked by hand. Many flavour variants have been created, starting with the original cassatina alla panna, the one that won Toni over to such an extent that he set up the Gelateria Artigiana Dai Dai in 1984.