RentVolution begins its journey in Rosignano: a focus on the future of living


The day of November 29, 2023 marked an important step forward for the real estate sector in Rosignano Solvay.

The “PUNTO CASA – RENTVOLUTION Real Estate Coffee” event, organized byRiccardo Fargion, was held in the Market Square Convention Hall, bringing together industry professionals, institutional representatives and citizens in a constructive and stimulating dialogue.

The initiative aimed to discuss and explore issues related to housing tenancy, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Highlights included speeches by Mayor Daniele Donati, Dr. Alice Prinetti on the municipality’s housing policies, Geom. Emiliano Grassi on rent-sharing, Lawyer Linda Marchi on the legal aspects of delinquency and evictions, and Dr. Francesca Cantoni of SoloAffitti S.p.a. on real estate investment strategies.

A highlight was the panel discussion, which provided an open space for questions and discussion, allowing direct interaction between speakers and audience.

This meeting is a concrete example of the engagement of industry professionals in bringing their experience and expertise to the local public debate, in line with the successful event held in the Senate last Oct. 17.

The event is but the first in a series of initiatives that will see the efforts of Riccardo Fargion and his staff to promote social initiatives related to real estate.

Punto Casa and its owner would like to thank all participants for their vital contributions to the event and invite them to remain active in the dialogue on the future of real estate.

Everyone’s participation was an essential added value to the success of this time of collective discussion and growth.