Photographing a property: all our tips


Do you own an apartment and would like to sell it? Or would you prefer to rent it out for a fixed monthly income? Surely you have already posted your ad on various portals or approached a real estate agency. However, if you have not yet been able to find a buyer or tenant, perhaps your ad needs some editing.

So what are the golden rules of real estate photography?

Taking advantage of natural light

The perfect photo must be taken at the best time of day. If the photos of your apartment are bright, your online ad will attract more attention.

Therefore, the photographer must find the time of day when the home is well lit by the sun or receives a greater amount of natural light. It is essential to open all shutters before starting to photograph.

Should there not be enough natural light or no windows, you will be forced to use artificial light. Turn on all the lights and adjust your camera’s shutter to catch the amount of light you need.

Choosing the right angle

For a photo to have more depth, it must be taken at hip height.

To take a good picture you have to stand in one corner of the room and point the lens at the opposite corner.

In this way you will be able to capture the size of the room well and bring out more detail.Also, in order for the breadth of a room to be seen well, the image must include both floor and ceiling.

Use a tripod

Why use a tripod? Because this way you are sure to take straight photos, without diagonal focus that distorts the image.

No matter the type of device you choose, you can use an SLR camera, a compact camera or your smartphone.

The importance of the wide angle lens

It is also important to use the wide-angle lens of the camera, as it enlarges the image without curving it and thus allows you to take a more detailed picture.

In addition, you should use in the viewfinder and on the screen the grid that is already set according to the rule of thirds. Using this technique you will get a straight photo while respecting the composition of the photograph.